Plastic repair
Firsts of all we need to determine which type of plastic we are dealing with, this can be ABS,PE,PA,PP,PBT…and the one and only proper way to repair them, is welding.
In this welding process we use a heat blower, with the exact welding material, which is the same as the panel itself. Too often we see panels already repaired with polyester fiber, but these products are only made to create a whole fairing or to repair a polyester one.

Fuel tank repair
The method we use exists in a sort of plastic mushroom that we glue inside the dent. Over this mushroom we put a metal piece of equipment that slides towards the back and gives us a pulling force towards the dent, which comes outwards.

In the search towards the correct color we use a photo spectrometer, this device scans a color and, connected to a computer, it gives us a formula which contains all the right basic ingredients, but still needs to be checked. In case of colors which are based on ink, this device is useless and the color will be made, depending on the human eye.

With any repair, it is inevitable that we have to use new stickers. In case of an OEM standard repair, we advice to use the original, by the manufacturer delivered stickers.
In case you want a completely different livery, we can produce a complete new sticker kit using a professional printer/cutter machine.